I’m a concept artist and ilustrator from Spain and as you can imagine, I love designing. I’m interesting in everything related with creative design and visual communication. I’m a curious person and I like to learn something new every day. However, if I have to choose, my focus would be concept art, and all that this envolves. From the sketches to final art,enviroments and characters, I enjoy every single part of the process.

Before I decided to be a designer for a living, I made a 3d videogame  master in Barcelona. From this background I keep a lot of things, but especially the experience managing projects, working in team and finding the best solutions for solving real problems. Things that, after all, are usefull values in my current profession, and even in my daily life.

This is me in few words! If you want to work or collaborate with me, share an idea or just say hello, get in touch. I will be happy to hear from you. Also, feel free to explore this website yourself and know me better.

Thanks for stopping by!


(2009) Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in design and illustration

(2010) Master in videogame creation at thr Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). 3D game as Master Thesis project.

(2013) Environment design for video games course with Simon Scales

(2013) Environment for games and film with James Paick

(2013) Character design with Bjorn Hurri



(2010-12) Freelancing in several projects

(2013-15) Concet Artist at Magoproductions in the animated serie “The Flying Squirrels”


Environment design, characters and props.

Orthographic views for characters and environments for the 3D team.

Matte painting focused in environment illumination

Texture supervisor



3D Studio,Maya, Mudbox, BodyPaint 3D, Photoshop, Corel PainterX

Modeling skills in high and low resolution textures, normal and specular objects and characters.

Traditional and digital illustration as well as extensive knowledge of anatomy of the human figure and proportions.

Matte Painting